Scottish locksmiths deploys dual purpose Cliq

Edinburgh, UK

When preparing to move to their new premises, Caleylock Edinburgh needed a security solution which would not only secure their premises, but also enable them to create a Showroom for customers – this is where Cliq from Abloy came in. Caleylock worked together with Abloy UK to install Cliq throughout their premises to secure a number of external and internal doors.

Caleylock Edinburgh was established in 1973 and is one of the longest established locksmiths in Edinburgh – the current owners took it over in 2011 and moved into their brand-new purpose-built premises in December 2017. Caleylock installs and commissions as well as builds cylinders and padlocks in-house and its main customers are the utilities, commercials, high-end residential, banking, local authorities and leisure.

A key benefit that Caleylock has gained from the installation of Cliq is the ability to change access rights for people including employees, and monitor the access to restricted areas. The owners also now have peace of mind that nobody can access unauthorised areas outside of work hours and lost or stolen keys can easily be deleted from the system.

Caleylock now also benefit from a Cliq Showroom to be able to demonstrate Protec2 Cliq from Abloy to customers and end-users in a real-life working environment, which has proven to be efficient in displaying the benefits that Cliq can bring to any organisation, big or small.

Ross McKay, Director of Caleylock Edinburgh said of the installation ‘We find Cliq is working really well for us, as our new premises are purpose built – there were no locks installed initially so this has been a great upgrade to the security. As part of the system, we also have a low energy Bluetooth key which is ideal for people working in remote areas as we can see from the audit trail who has accessed specific sites, and when’.


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