Retailer turns to Citysync for ANPR project

Stockholm, Sweden

Through its subsidiary Citysync Ltd, Tagmaster has received orders from two clients for ANPR projects within two different applications, one is for “freeflow” airport parking and the other within access security. The client for the access security project is one of the major retailers in the UK that will use Citsync´s CS50 intelligent camera for access security across distributions centres all over the country.

All products are part of the standard assortment and will be delivered during first quarter 2018.

”Tagmaster has earlier expressed its enthusiasm for the combined ANPR product portfolio that we, after the acquisition of CA Traffic, can offer the market. These orders confirm our ambition of becoming the leading ANPR solution provider in the UK. During this year we will launch a number of hardware and software innovations within our ANPR product segment and, together with our enlarged sales force, that will help us increase our market share significantly” says Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.


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