Raytec to run winter test nights in February

Northumberland, UK

CCTV Lighting specialist Raytec are hosting a series of practical night-time tests to highlight the performance of cameras and CCTV lighting in situation.

The test sessions will be held at two locations in the North and South of England and are open to all CCTV installers, specifiers and camera manufacturers wanting to test the performance of a CCTV system with Infra-Red or White-light.

The test evening will be a practical test of CCTV lighting with different camera and lens combinations including IP and Megapixel technology.

Shaun Cutler of Raytec said "These test nights have proved to be very popular and useful in the past. Installers can use the tests to trial their next installation, consultants can check the integration of different components and camera manufacturers can check the image quality their cameras will provide alongside Raytec's high performance Adaptive Illumination lighting products".

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