Raytec helps protect Alexander the Great

Ashington, Northumberland

Raymax infrared illuminators from Raytec have been deployed to secure the main perimeter of Alexander the Great Airport in Skopje, Macedonia.

Working in conjunction with Turkish system integrator, Sensormatic, and distributor Y3K, the Raymax Platinum long range infrared illuminators were installed alongside HD PTZ speed dome cameras to provide excellent night time surveillance for Macedonia’s largest airport.

The Raymax Platinum range can deliver infrared illumination up to 700m from a single unit, making it the perfect solution for remote perimeter applications where cameras need additional lighting during the hours of darkness. For the widest angle CCTV applications, 180 degree Raymax Platinum units can also deliver distances beyond 100m; perfect when PTZ domes need to deliver high performance images.

"The customer chose Raytec for this project as they provide quality products that guarantee successful long range distance and coverage” said Yücel Simitçi, Product Manager for Y3K. "The Raytec products performed exactly as expected and the Airport management are happy with the results”

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