Radio & TV company selects CEM access control system

Belfast, UK

Radio/ TV Gotel in Yola, Nigeria has selected CEM approved resellers Acti-Tech Limited to install the AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) system to secure their premises and staff.
Radio/ TV Gotel, located in Yola, Adamawa State in North-Eastern Nigeria, envisions building a world-class media outfit offering first-class broadcasting.

“The AC2000 SE system was the preferred choice considering the scalability of the system,” said Peter Madu, Managing Director, Acti-Tech Ltd. He continued, “The system’s unique integration possibilities made CEM AC2000 SE the big winner in this project”.

The Radio/ TV Gotel solution is comprised of 63 doors leading to the news rooms, transmission rooms, production studios, server rooms and offices. To secure these sensitive areas, Gotel chose the S610f fingerprint reader. The S610f fingerprint reader is a fully integrated biometric and access control reader for those areas which require an additional layer of biometric security. The S610f reader also meets requirements for three stage identity authentication (card, PIN and biometric verification) using one device.

AC2000 SE provides an advanced level of integration using industry standard interfaces to link to third party systems. Gotel required the AC2000 system to integrate with American Dynamics Videoedge NVR in order to control video and access via one solution. Gotel will have a 100 camera system installed to ensure the highest level of security. AC2000 application alarm event display (AED) responds to all alarm situations in real time providing a dynamic on-screen interface to external CCTV systems with facilities for CCTV switching, remote door broadcasting and audio output in response to alarm events.

Gotel also chose the PoE+ DIU 230, which offers a high level of security while keeping cabling to a minimum. The CEM PoE+ solution is unique to the industry as it can reliably deliver up to 2 Amps to power an entire door set, including access control readers, heavy duty maglocks and associated items, all over one CAT 5/6 Ethernet cable.

“Gotel has incorporated CEM industry firsts such as biometrics and PoE+ to achieve a highly secure system” said Philip Verner, Sales and Marketing Manager, CEM Systems. He continued “We are focused on delivering access control solutions that meet our customer requirements now and in the future, and with the station still undergoing construction and plans for future extensions, CEM Systems will continue to support Gotel with their security needs”.

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