Panomera ensures safety and security during papal visit

Berlin, Germany

Over 60,000 worshippers celebrated mass with the Pope at Berlin's Olympic Stadium last Thursday. Dallmeier's Panomera multi-sensor system kept a watchful eye on the gathering.

Shortly after 6 p.m., Pope Benedict XVI entered the stadium through the marathon gate. Over 60,000 worshippers cheered as the popemobile then made its way through the crowd on the blue track. After signing the Golden Book of the City of Berlin, the pontiff celebrated mass with the visitors.

In light of the eminence of the visitor and the throngs of followers in attendance, it is understandable that security in and around the stadium was extremely tight. The police and security officers received support from a very special video surveillance technology: the Panomera multi-sensor system, which allows a comprehensive overview of the stadium while simultaneously offering top detail resolution.

The system was recently installed and had already proved its top-level performance capacity during German national football league matches. It is the ideal solution for large-scale events for which maximum security measures need to be in place. For the papal visit as well, Panomera proved itself as a valuable surveillance instrument, allowing the police an “all-round” view of the entire scene. Panomera’s exceptional resolution quality permits the tiniest details to be recognised even at great distances. Panomera uses a completely novel lens and sensor concept that allows objects in the distance to be displayed with the same resolution as objects in the foreground of the picture.

“Panomera is a brand new technology that is unrivalled compared to conventional cameras. It opens up innovative options for the video security sector that could not be realised in the past,” said company founder and CEO Dieter Dallmeier.

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