Panasonic secures Tomorrowland

Bracknell, Berkshire (UK)

Panasonic has been chosen to provide 30 security cameras for Tomorrowland, the world’s largest electronic dance music festival which starts on Friday this week.

The Panasonic surveillance cameras are being used by security solutions specialists DCNS at the festival held over consecutive weekends in the Belgian town of Boom.

DCNS is entrusted by event organisers ID&T to look after safety and security, monitoring the flow of people and avoiding any problems escalating at the festival.

"The success of our mission hinges on the equipment we deploy at the festival site. DNCS uses Panasonic surveillance cameras due to the high quality of the materials and the advanced technical capabilities that characterise them. We know that with Panasonic we will be able to accomplish our task successfully at Tomorrowland,” says Gust Dierckx, manager of DNCS.

Debby Wilmsen, Communications Officer at ID&T Belgium said, "The Panasonic surveillance cameras enable our crowd watchers at the ECC [Event Control Centre] to monitor the festival site for any potential risks and deal with them immediately. A good network with reliable equipment is therefore very important when running a festival.”

At each event, DNCS has installed a structured network consisting of a fibre cable backbone and a wireless network on the festival site. This forms the basis for the customised Wifi network via which the Panasonic surveillance cameras are controlled from the Event Control Centre. Panasonic phones have also been installed for key internal and external communication at the event.

Next year there will be three editions of the festival including Belgium, Brazil and Atlanta USA, all will be using Panasonic surveillance equipment.

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