Optex concentrates on smart technologies

Dubai, U.A.E

At Intersec 2015, Optex exhibited integrated and smart perimeter security solutions including the newly launched quad beam detectors, the Axis ACAP integration for its IP range and thrown object detection using its intelligent Laser Scanner.

Two new video analytics based solutions were also on show, one for people counting and flow analysis and the second one for tail-gating solutions to prevent the unauthorised access of individuals into sensitive areas.

For outdoor intrusion detection systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications, Optex displayed its latest Smart Line active infrared beams series featuring clever alignment tools and models with double modulation, and a dynamic two-way communication between receiver and transmitter for optimal performance. To enable a full system solution new beam towers including enclosures for light or cameras will be pre-viewed at the show.

Since the launch of its Redwall IP sensors range, Optex has added further key VMS suppliers to its integration list and will be demonstrating its latest integration with Axis, enabling the IP sensors to connect directly to Axis ACAP enabled cameras.

The company also presented its latest  ‘thrown object’ laser detection system that is already installed within the passport hall of a major international airport.

Of its new products and applications, Optex is also developing a new people couting solution with Giken Trastem Co Ltd and it provides multidirectional people and flow analysis designed to provide more than 95% accuracy. In addition, the Optex Accurance 3D is a video analytics-based sensor that is unaffected by light and measures the target in 3D to identify tailgating or piggybacking situations.

Alongside Optex, its sister company Fibersensys, was showcasing the latest of its fibre-optic perimeter intrusion detection sensors in Dubai. These included the 25 five zones FD525-Halo systems that have been upgraded with a new fibre-optic cable technology, enabling a more rapid deployment to reduce the total cost of installation down.

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