New Victor upgrade from American Dynamics

London, UK

The new version offers operators more robust unification between access control and video information and smart video streaming for bandwidth management.

Johnson Controls is introducing the newest version of its Victor video management system and Videoedge network video recorders (NVRs) from American Dynamics, version 5.2, a powerful video management system that provides enhanced video intelligence and analytics to greatly improve the efficiency of security personnel and daily business operations.

The Victor client on Videoedge hardware platforms allows users to leverage high-performance video streaming, audio, motion meta-data and an expansive feature set for improved real-time command and management.

“Active surveillance and security environments require immediate and streamlined access to critical event information and system health status to make the right decisions for incident response and conduct efficient investigations,” said Stuart Bettle, video product marketing manager, EMEA, Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls. “With its powerful event assessment, the Victor and Videoedge platform is designed to enhance operator productivity, improve our customer’s visibility of their entire environment and provide greater business insight to their overall enterprise.”

The combination of Victor and Videoedge maximises smart streaming resources to optimise operation of high-resolution cameras and robust analytics while providing more efficient bandwidth management. In addition to the transcoding options, by accepting triple video streams from the camera to the NVR, Victor and Videoedge allow for more effective video management software operation in this bandwidth intensive environment. Operators can both listen and speak to individuals near a camera for improved situational response and control with new bi-directional audio support.

The Victor VMS streamlines user creation and privilege assignment with the union of roles between Victor and the C-Cure 9000 security and event management platform from Software House. A single log/journal for both access control and video events saves investigation time by providing a single point of information for accessing alarm-related video and tools in intuitive, pre-defined layouts. Key system status indicators are clearly and visually displayed in a single graph form ensuring that operators have instant access to the most important system health information.


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