New EFSG standards form speeds & simplifies time to market

Zug, Switzerland

Image courtesy of Euralarm

EFSG, an association of European certification bodies operating in the fire and security sectors, and Euralarm’s Task Force EFSG have been working closely together on a common application form for EFSG certification. The form was published recently and can be used for making an application for multiple certifications.

The new form is intended to reduce the number of separate forms that manufacturers need to complete when submitting an application for certification with EFSG members. The common application form will allow one application to be accepted by all EFSG members followed by a central project management process within EFSG, which should help improving overall certification timescales.

This single form will be accepted by AFNOR, BRE Global, CNPP, DBI and Vds for applications to certify fire detection and fire alarm equipment to the EN 54 standards, smoke alarms to EN 14604 and power supplies to EN 12101-10 within the scope of EFSG’s mutual recognition agreement.

Step forwards

The common application form is a step forwards. The promise is that the single applications form and the central project management process within EFSG supports one stop testing and improves time to market for new and modified products. It contains all necessary contractual information of each certification body thereby removing the need for separate applications. The exception is BRE Global – their terms and conditions are provided with the quotation.

However, the success of the new form depends on the companies using it. Local work instructions and quality processes may require modification to use the new form. Euralarm supports the use of the common application form. Therefore, Euralarm calls on manufacturers to implement or incorporate the common application form in their processes. Meanwhile, the organisation also calls on EFSG to use the new process to drive improvements in the certification process.

The common application form and the accompanying appendices are available to download from the EFSG website. Incorporated into the form is a check box used to identify applications related to product changes implemented due to component shortages and which require fast-track certification.


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