Keynetics receives top level LPCB certification

Malvern, Worcestershire

Steve Wheeler and the team are proud to have achieved the highest LPCB level of certification for the Sentriguard key safe. Image courtesy of Keynetics

The Keynetics-supplied Sentriguard electronic key safe, previously certified to LPS 1175 C1 and, according to the company, already unsurpassed in terms of security by any other supplier on the market, has strengthened its leading position through the achievement of an LPS 1175 C3 rating.

This phenomenal result was achieved by continuous product development and recurring testing, which resulted in the use of a shroud (a customised steel key safe ‘armour’) and specified fixings to guarantee the C3 level security rating for key safes mounted on metal substrates.

Such a solution is particularly suitable for customers who require higher levels of security while still reaping the benefits of key storage at the point of entry.

Ensuring security through thorough certification

Due to the nature of the beast, achieving excellence in product security is not an easy and straightforward journey. It often entails a step-by-step approach to guarantee that every element and procedure is reviewed, which might take years to accomplish.

When certification is undertaken by a reputable and globally recognised industry expert such as the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the certification process consists of numerous steps, including product design review by expert engineers, assessment and surveillance of the manufacturer’s factory production control system (FPC), product testing and evaluation, and ongoing audits.

This process ensures that no corners are cut and that the security products, in this case a key safe, meets a specific standard.

What’s C3? Understanding the terminology

Certification decoding might be confusing unless one is an expert, especially when it is done by letters and numbers. LPCB employs a system in which letters denote the threat level, which aligns with the tool kit used to evaluate the product’s resistance (e.g. ‘A’ for light duty tools like a small screwdriver or a lever with tool severity increasing alphabetically).

The number in the grading represents the time delay, outlining the minimum delay (in minutes) provided by the product when under attack.

Hence, the Sentriguard key safe's C3 rating is equivalent to three minutes of uninterrupted attack with category A to C tools, such as a 12V drill, 400mm bolt cutter, and 700mm crowbar, among others.

Furthermore, during the attack test, two variables are considered: product robustness and key safe removal from the wall. This means that both the mounting fittings and the key safe are tested.

An outstanding achievement

Keynetics is delighted to be the leading name in key safe security. Stuart Wheeler, Managing Director at Keynetics, comments, “For years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our access solutions combine the best of physical and digital."

“A lot of time, effort and resources were put into this achievement, and we are very proud to have received LPS 1175 C3. We will continue our work on product development and will remain the strongest advocate for access control product certification to ensure that the standards meet clients’ security requirements, especially for commercial property where risks are higher,” he concludes.


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