Idemia claims industry world first with new global certification

Reston, Va (USA)

Claiming a groundbreaking first, Idemia, a world-leading provider of secure identity and biometric solutions, has achieved certification for its MID Reader and Verify SDK to the International Standard Organization ISO 18013 Part 5: Mobile driving license (MDL) application standard. With this Idemia MID Reader device and Idemia Verify SDK  the company aims to accelerate the way identity is securely verified and offers to deliver unparalleled convenience without compromising on security.

The Idemia MID Reader and Idemia Verify SDK is the result of relentless research and development efforts, aimed at seamlessly connecting the realms of physical and digital identity verification, and building security and simplicity in mobile ID verification. The MID Reader device passed extensive evaluation and testing by UL Solutions, becoming the first MID reader certified to the ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard.

With both its MID Reader and Verify SDK, Idemia promises to assure every scanned ID is protected by the most advanced encryption technologies available. The MID Reader boasts lightning-fast readings, transforming security protocols into seamless interactions. The Verify SDK allows companies and government agencies an easy way to integrate the ability to verify the identity of individuals, validate the integrity of every transaction, and safeguard identities.

“The creation of a physical reader enables businesses and government agencies to accept mobile IDs, which is important as more and more people opt to use digital IDs. The new Idemia MID Reader has the UL Solutions stamp of approval, so users can trust they have a device that will validate IDs quickly and is secure,” says Donnie Scott, CEO, Idemia Public Security North America.

The Idemia MID Reader, which is compliant with U.S. transportation system security requirements, is used by TSA officers at participating airports in the country to seamlessly check the validity of travellers’ IDs. The Idemia MID Reader is also integrated into the latest generation of TSA’s Credential Authentication Technology.

Leveraging state-of-the-art encryption, the Idemia MID Reader ensures that users’ personal information is kept secure at all times. The Idemia Verify SDK enables seamless integration with existing equipment, making it a secure and more cost-effective option for digital identity verification. In addition to identity verification at the airport, the Idemia MID Reader and the Verify SDK can be used for visitor identity verification at reception check-in or as an enhanced verification method for self-service kiosks, as well as age verification at retail locations.

“We believe that identity verification should be as secure as it is simple. The global certification of our MID Reader and Verify SDK to the ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard and our collaboration with UL Solutions are pivotal steps forward in making this belief a reality and enabling us to offer our users a product that is unmatched in both security and ease of use,” adds Rodolpe Hugel, Chief Digital Officer, Idemia Public Security North America.

This global certification from UL Solutions affirms the MID Reader’s adherence to the global security and interoperable standards and Idemia’s unwavering commitment to providing products that meet and exceed the highest standards of safety, security, and user experience.

“As we move toward broader implementation of new technologies, interoperability, security, and privacy challenges must be addressed to build wider adoption. By earning the ISO/IEC 18013-5 certification from UL Solutions, Idemia is demonstrating their commitment to prioritising innovation safety,” said Chante Maurio, Vice President and General Manager of the Identity, Management and Security group at UL Solutions.


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