I-Pro opens new global HQ in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

In a demonstration of its ambitious growth plans since it became independent from Panasonic, I-Pro Co., Ltd., has opened a new state-of-the-art global headquarters in Tokyo. At the same time, the company is also relocating and expanding its R&D centre in Fukuoka.

I-Pro’s new headquarters will become a new core hub to showcase the company’s latest technological innovation through interactive demonstrations, training sessions, certification classes and presentations. The new offices will include advanced creative workspaces and act as an easily accessible hub where customers, partners and investors will have the opportunity to experience the new I-Pro spirit. The new headquarters will showcase I-Pro's edge-computing devices and is designed to illustrate the company’s two philosophies of enabling an open platform and igniting speed and agility within its marketing strategy.

“Although the global establishment of I-Pro started in 2019, some regions up until April 1, 2022, still retained the Panasonic branding and shared physical locations,” said Gerard Figols, President, I-Pro EMEA B.V. “Relocating and expanding our I-Pro headquarters is an important milestone in the creation of our company and a key step in our mission to be the trusted next-generation partner for the security industry.”

I-Pro’s new R&D center will be located in Fukuoka, a city renowned as a centre for innovation and technological excellence, making it a prime location for I-Pro to recruit from the region’s young and dynamic talent pool.

“As the leading manufacturer of open AI cyber-secure, edge-computing devices, our investment in a new R&D center underscores our commitment to continued groundbreaking innovation. Fukuoka is renowned as the innovation hub of Japan and its start-up culture is in line with the innovative spirit of I-Pro,” says Norio Hitsuishi, Global Head of Product Management at I-Pro.


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