I-Pro commits to ethical principles for AI in physical security

London, UK

I-Pro endeavours to set out a new standard of integrity with its commitment to Ethical Principles for AI Image courtesy of I-Pro Co Ltd.

Gartner predicts that 50% of governments worldwide will enforce the use of responsible AI through regulations, policies, and the need for data privacy. While these guidelines are being developed, AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

I-Pro Co., Ltd, a global leader in professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, underscores the critical importance of ethical and responsible AI practices in the physical security domain.

Recognising the profound impact of AI on society, I-Pro maintains that it has always placed paramount importance on fostering an environment of responsible and ethical AI usage. To this effect, the company has formulated its Ethical Principles for AI, creating a framework designed to balance the advancement of AI technology with social responsibility and ethical considerations.

The key tenets of the I-Pro Ethical Principles for AI include:

  • Achieving enhanced quality of life and fostering a safer, more secure society: I-Pro endeavours to create enduring value that contributes to the safety and security of society, through continued AI research and development. The company will continuously evaluate the human, societal, and environmental impact of its AI products and services to further improve its technology offering.
  • Protecting human rights and privacy: I-Pro prioritises the protection of fundamental human rights in the development and deployment of AI solutions. Upholding data protection and privacy principles guides every aspect of our operations. The company enforces stringent authorisation and authentication protocols to safeguard sensitive data within its AI-driven applications. Furthermore, the company promises a commitment to providing its customers with embedded tools to facilitate compliance with evolving AI regulations.
  • Transparency and fairness: Here the company pledges to uphold principles of transparency and fairness, fostering diversity and equality to combat bias, discrimination, and unfair practices that could potentially be created by the use of AI. It aims to achieve this by consistently and thoroughly testing its AI models to build confidence in their performance and mitigate risks.
  • Education and training: As a driving force in the development of AI solutions, I-Pro promises to continue to focus on educating its workforce, partners, customers and the industry at large on the power, potential and ethical consideration of AI in the physical security environment. By fostering collaboration and establishing an open dialogue with key stakeholders, I-Pro will be able to address emerging challenges and drive meaningful change within the AI ecosystem.

“While we believe AI solutions can enhance automation and inform decisions, we also believe that this should not come at the expense of responsible usage, ethical standards, or privacy compliance,” said Masato Nakao, CEO at I-Pro. “As the physical security industry continues to embrace the promise of AI, we look forward to working together with our industry colleagues, partners, and customers to foster a culture of responsible AI development and usage.”

By championing ethical principles, I-Pro is endeavouring to set a new standard of integrity within the physical security industry, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to safety, security, and societal well-being.


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