HID wins favourable verdict in patent case against Vector Flow

Austin, Tx (USA)

HID has received a highly favourable verdict and has been awarded damages to the tune of $45 million in an intellectual property (IP) enforcement action filed against the company, Vector Flow, Inc.

The company released a statement on hearing the verdict last week, as follows:

"In this verdict, a jury unanimously agreed that Vector Flow willfully and maliciously misappropriated HID trade secrets and willfully infringed our Physical Identity Access Management (PIAM) patent. We are grateful to the jury for this verdict."

"At HID, we are committed to protecting our IP. We do not pursue legal action simply for the sake of being litigious. Instead, we strategically pursue IP cases if the infringement negatively impacts our customers, our employees, and our industry. This strategy is exemplified by the decision in the Vector Flow case."


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