HID chosen to design new E-passport for Barbados

Austin, Tx (USA)

HID Global has been selected to supply a newly designed passport to Barbados that reflects both the country’s transition to a republic as well as its cultural elements.

HID Global moved quickly to ensure that from the moment Barbados became a republic, the passports issued reflect this historic change. Barbados is considered to have the Caribbean region’s most powerful passport, according to the Henley Passport Index.

“We look forward to working with HID to finalise the new book design and implement the disaster recovery site,” said Hon. Wilfred Abrahams, Barbados Minister of Home Affairs.

The new design is part of a three-year supply agreement that includes the creation of a disaster recovery site at the airport to ensure business continuity should the main passport issuance centre be compromised. This is composed of technology upgrades as well as support for the main issuance site.

HID’s solution includes HID Integrale software to manage the issuance process, as well as printers and encoders to personalize the E-passport books. The Integrale software encrypts application data both at rest and in transit, ensuring that citizens’ information remains safe at all times.

“HID Global is proud of our partnership with Barbados as the supplier of the country’s passport and would like to congratulate the people of Barbados as they take this historic step. We look forward to meeting the needs of Barbados in the future,” said Craig Sandness, Senior Vice President & Head of Secure Issuance & Citizen ID Solutions.


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