Hanwha adopts Zendesk support facility

Chertsey, Surrey

Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D., Managing Director of Hanwha Techwin Europe.

Hanwha Techwin Europe’s Customer Support team has been enhanced by the company adopting the Zendesk Support platform, a globally recognised help desk system designed to assist product and service providers to prioritise, track and resolve customer support requests.

The new system will help Hanwha Techwin Europe to augment its existing customer support processes to ensure customers always receive a personalised and rapid response.

“We are determined to excel in everything we do and in this respect, Zendesk Support will empower our UK based support team to provide even stronger customer support than we are already well known for, as it will allow us to prioritise and handle calls efficiently and improve customer experience,” said Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D., Managing Director of Hanwha Techwin Europe.

“For Hanwha Techwin Europe, it is also about building a knowledge base and reporting system which will help us identify key issues and see the’ bigger picture’ in terms of our support environment.”

"The introduction of Zendesk Support completes the first phase of Hanwha Techwin Europe’s strengthening of its customer support services. The company has announced that over the coming months it intends to adopt other elements of the Zendesk suite. These include Zendesk Guide which provides access to a knowledge base and Zendesk Talk, which offers live chat and messaging opportunities, as well as the provision of local area all numbers to make it more convenient and economical for customers from across Europe to call in for support.”


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