GJD supplies infrared illuminators for Scared of the Dark TV series

Heywood, Greater Manchester

GJD's infrared illuminators were used in the making of the Scared of the Dark TV series starring Danny Dyer.

GJD, an AVA Group Company and global leader in external perimeter protection and illumination solutions, has announced that the company manufactured and supplied over 100 infrared LED illuminators for a brand-new channel 4 five-part television series, called “Scared of the Dark”. The series was co-produced by Multistory Media and Possessed, both part of ITV Studios.

The order consisted of GJD’s range of Extra Large Infra-Red LED Illuminators. The entire team worked extremely hard to build the illuminators and meet the required deadline on time and in-full.

"This was an exciting order for GJD. Our illuminator sales in the media and broadcasting sector are rapidly increasing. We are looking forward to further developing business relationships in this sector," said Robin Wilding-Webb, GJD's Director of European Sales.

Scared of the Dark was a ground-breaking endurance experiment, where a group of celebrities gave up the limelight, in fact gave up ALL light, and entered a specially created pitch-black reality space for seven days. It was crucial that the production cameras could capture crystal-clear images, even though the scene was pitch black. GJD’s infrared illuminators were a major part of this experiment, as without them filming would not have been possible.

The production cameras were filming 24:7, so it was important that GJD’s infrared LED illuminators were extremely durable and active all the time.


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