Dahua to focus on smart technologies at Security China 2018

Hangzhou, China

When the 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2018 (Security China 2018) kicked off at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Dahua Technology presented its theme, “Dahua Heart of City (HOC),” thoroughly displaying various vertical industry solutions supported by its new smart city framework such as Smart Policing, Smart Traffic, Smart Fire Control, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart Retail. All these solutions are based on the integration of its newest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, and other cutting-edge technologies.

With vigorous smart city construction all over the world, Dahua Technology has released its “Dahua Heart of City (HOC)”, which is a smart city development engine supported by “Full Sensing, Full Intelligence, Full Computing, and Full Ecosystem.” The HOC achieves the construction of a “1 Platform, 2 Centers, N-Applications” new smart city framework for city, industry, and consumer level markets to meet the needs of city management, industry applications, and consumers.

The Dahua HOC Smart Policing Solution satisfies the work flow and needs of public security departments, tapping the potential of big data resources to build a new AI-driven “Smart Policing” model, driving front-line teams to operate accurately, efficiently, and intelligently. By employing this solution, Dahua Technology has assisted the Hangzhou Jianggan Police in building a national model project for smart policing.

And, the HOC line also includes a Smart Traffic Solution, a Public Safety Solution and a Smart Fire Solution.

Artificial intelligence was one of the most well attended areas on the stand where Dahua Technology displayed its intelligent algorithms which enhance the company’s competitiveness in the field of AI. In addition, it integrates the advantages of its products, solutions, platforms, and algorithms to build its smart AI system.

The area of face recognition, which provides optimal match according to various customers, scenarios, and project scales, exhibited its AI Series Perimeter Protection Cameras which fully employ AI and possess powerful face snapshot and real-time analysis capabilities.

The video structuring areas featured AI cameras which have the ability of analysing human faces, vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and feature attributes simultaneously, effectively improving the capability of objects capturing and metadata collection.

The Smart Perimeter Solution, empowered by smart technologies, engages in the effective screening of things that cause false alarms such as animals and swaying trees, achieving precise alarm alerts.

The Dahua AI Series Intelligent NVR allows for the transition from traditional to smart video applications. It also includes the universal DSS7016 platform which integrates intelligence, platforms, and storage to significantly improve the flexibility and convenience of deployment.

This year, Dahua Technology also launched its X80 Face Recognition Server, which is an ultra-large-scale analysis platform that supports a 1.6 billion face image database and 20 billion comparisons per second. This product achieves on-demand computing power allocation, rapid & central deployment, and effective reduce of energy consumption and installation space, suitable for large-scale policing, traffic management, and public safety projects.

In addition to displaying its full AI series products, Dahua Technology also presented thermal series, 64MP multi-sensor panoramic network camera + PTZ camera series, multi-sensor panoramic camera series, full-color series cameras, HDCVI 5.0 products, and other smart video monitoring solutions. In addition, the company also debuted next-generation cutting-edge smart video IoT products and technologies including drone, fire control, smoke exhaust, warehousing, and smart patrol robots. The application of these products across various industries received broad attention from exhibition guests.

At the event, Dahua also launched its consumer IoT brand, Imou. On display were Imou’s intelligent products, including K8 AI Face Recognition Smart Lock, Active Deterrance Camera, Pan & Tilt Smart Camera, 720° Panoramic Camera, and other smart solutions, conveying the concept of “Enjoy Smart Life,” and enabling global users to enjoy safer, more free, and happier lifestyles with the support of smart technologies.

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