Flexible access solution for Spanish Red Cross

London, UK and Cordoba, Spain

New Spanish Red Cross deploys TESA Smartair to control access

The main security challenge for Spain's new Red Cross head office building is to offer the highest levels of protection, yet remain flexible enough for 300 daily users with various profiles, including employees, volunteers, visitors and emergency staff. Smartair wireless access control delivered the effective solution.

Working with architect Francisco Daroca Bruño the new Córdoba office space is designed around the person, to reflect the organisation’s human welfare-related goals. The new building combines modern materials with Andalusian design principles to create a flexible workspace bathed in natural light.

Access at Córdoba’s Red Cross building is controlled with one efficient, upgradable and easily configured system. Wooden, glass and emergency-exit doors lock with Smartair door devices. Two Smartair wall readers allow Red Cross staff to control access to the building’s lifts within the same Smartair system.

With Smartair, programmable, encrypted RFID smart cards replace mechanical keys. This eliminates the risks from lost or copied keys—an essential advantage for an organisation that works with around 3,000 volunteers.

Smartair gives facilities managers round-the-clock control over who is accessing the building, and when. It is easy to receive audit trails from Smartair devices, for example, or to track failed and unauthorised access attempts. Facilities managers can also open site doors remotely.

Smartair is expandable, too. Should the Red Cross want to incorporate more premises, adapting a Smartair installation is easy.

Aesthetics also played a pivotal role in the Red Cross’ choice. Glass doors complement an open, transparent building design. Assa Abloy also supplied panic exit devices and door closers.

“Assa Abloy provides the complete solution,” says Sergio Ortuño Aguilar, Regional Secretary Córdoba of Red Cross Spain.


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