Fermax introduces complete new product line

Valencia, Spain

Fermax is fully encompassing acess control systems with the launch of a complete new catalogue that includes a wide range of solutions. With new products for small, medium or large facilities, professionals can purchase modules designed to control a single entrance or access control able to manage every detail in a hospital, analogue technologies or the most modern wired IP technology. This new product line up proposes solutions to all levels of budget and is equally focused on today's high market demands.

Although access control systems have been in the Fermax catalogue for many years, the company has just made an important jump with a new range of solutions. Access control systems - that up until now were only a complement to Fermax door entry systems - have become a new business line for the brand for professionals in the sector, with a complete range of opportunities. And as usual with Fermax design capabilities, the product line has been designed to result in easily executed installation and implemention.

A key aspect of the new access control line is that it presents solutions for all type of projects, adapting the dimensions, complexity, security requirements and, of course, the budget.

Autonomous systems are the simplest, which allow the management of a single door, whether a garage, office, warehouse or engine room, for example, where only authorised personnel can enter. Distributed systems are designed so that a reasonably sized group of doors and entrances that function independently can be managed. Finally, Fermax have centralised systems that allow for the advanced management of multiple accesses, maintaining memory of events and with the ability to interact with multiple relays and sensors. The latter, high-capacity centralised systems, are presented in two different technologies: AC Plus, managed by a free software, is more simple and competitive while the IP solution; IP Axes, takes Fermax and its clients definitively in to the intelligent buildings sector, offering absolute flexibility to meet almost any request imaginable and with the capacity to manage hundreds of doors and thousands of users.

In addition to presenting a diverse range of systems, Fermax is also launching a very wide introductory offer in relation to devices and aesthetics. Thus, the customer can choose not only the exterior appearance (the same lines that are already present in the equipment and both the indoor and outdoor tailored proposals), but also the way in which authorised personnel will gain access: proximity readers, digital keyboard, fingerprint or even long-range RF remotes.

For the special launch offer, Fermax presents two access control systems designed to manage the access of shops and garages, in its usual format of a kit. These all-in-one solutions are ready to be installed and put in place with ease. It is relatively simple but a highly demanded solution, a product that encourages many professionals to delve into this sector, which has ample room for growth.


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