Fermax factory gets face lift with winning art design

Valencia, Spain

The Fermax HQ is given a complete transformation by the winner of the international street art competition

Following, 23 days of work covering 230 kms and applying 980 litres of paint, the Argentine street mural artist Pastel has finally brought to fruition his winning project in the Fermax International Street Art Contest, Art Factory.

The contest aimed to transform the appearance of the door entry system company in Valencia (Spain).

Since August, the 1600 sq mtr façade of the Fermax head office has been covered by an immense array of flora and vegetation; a theme which is central to the work of Pastel. This specialist in urban murals has created similar wall-paintings featuring flowers, party walls and chamfered corners in various cities around the world.

Advised by experts from Valencia’s botanical gardens, the artist used flowers indigenous to the local region to decorate the Fermax building, species such as; Cardo del Montgó, Gallo de Roca, Altramuz Valenciano and Colleja Ifach.

Pastel’s project seeks to achieve a human impact and to encourage people to reflect upon their relationships with both the urban environment and nature.

As the artist himself comments, there are specific clues within the work such as the scale of the building, its capacity to envelop those who interact with it and its dynamic environmental location.

Selected from amongst almost 150 artists from 18 countries, Pastel’s project consolidates Fermax’s relationship with Street Art. This modern form of artistic expression connects the Fermax brand with a young and creative, worldwide audience.


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