Europe's largest nuclear decommissioning site selects G4S

London, UK

G4S Secure Solutions UK, an Allied Universal Company, has been awarded a £24m contract with Magnox Ltd, which manages one of the largest nuclear reactor decommissioning programmes in Europe.

The new contract will see G4S providing security services for the nuclear Shared Service Alliance, a complex consortium comprising 21 sites across the UK. Commencing in March 2022 and lasting three years, G4S will be deploying 226 staff across the UK to provide security officers on patrol, key holding facilities, CCTV control and monitoring as well as secure reception.

Drawing on expertise within the business, G4S set up its own nuclear security advisory group to ensure the smooth running of this contract. Alistair McBride, G4S Sector Director Nuclear Power & Utilities said: “Working in the nuclear setting is a completely unique security challenge. It requires in-depth knowledge of regulations, codes of conduct and the very specific and highly dangerous risks that are involved. There can be no room for error when working in the nuclear field, compliance must be held to a ‘zero failure’ standard, a standard G4S is focused on.”

Eddie Hirst, Head of Major Projects for G4S Secure Solutions UK said: “We have worked hard to build an unrivaled track record in the provision of security for the nuclear industry. Through the combination of our expertise alongside our highly trained workforce, we know we can deliver a world class service to Magnox and their partners.”

A subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), Magnox is responsible for decommissioning the nuclear sites and safely managing the waste generated from producing over 1,000TWh of nuclear power during 60 years of operations, and safely managing waste from nuclear research and electricity generation stretching back nearly 75 years.

Alongside Magnox, G4S will be providing security services for three other NDA subsidiaries:

Direct Rail Services, national rail freight operator and provider of rail services to the nuclear industry; Nuclear Waste Services, responsible for developing a geological disposal facility for nuclear waste; and Dounreay decommissioning site on the northern coast of Scotland.


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