Eagle Eye shows the benefits of AI advancements in cloud video

Austin, Tx and Birmingham, UK

Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks

Last week in Birmingham, at the NEC, the Eagle Eye team were showcasing the Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete and new AI capabilities for the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) for the first time in the UK and Europe at The Security Event (TSE).

Launched just this month, Camera Direct Complete, is a direct-to-cloud solution that is ideal for customers who only need a few cameras per location and want to minimize their initial investment. Camera Direct Complete introduces a new pricing option where the camera is included as part of the VMS (video management system) subscription.

Also on show were the AI-powered Smart Layouts tool and other new enterprise tools for device- and user management. These recently introduced AI and enterprise tools complement the core features of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. They are part of the newly enhanced Enterprise Edition, which adds capabilities for the high-stakes security requirements of enterprise businesses.

Eagle Eye Smart Video Search was also being demonstrated in Birmingham. In the past year Smart Video Search has won four international awards, and new features are added continuously. See how searching for video can be as easy as searching the web. Immediately find the exact video across all cameras in all sites. Available to all Eagle Eye Cloud VMS users globally with no extra subscription cost or added hardware.

Also on display and introduced in 2022, Eagle Eye LPR uses AI in a true cloud-based system for very high accuracy in challenging conditions, and operates on readily available security cameras.

“Businesses throughout the UK and Europe have been making the move from on-prem to cloud video surveillance for several years now, but in 2023 there’s an additional motivating factor–AI,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “Business owners and security professionals are seeing that new AI advancements in cloud video surveillance–like Smart Video Search and AI powered-LPR–can help them do their very challenging jobs, provide better security, while also prioritising cyber security and privacy.”


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