Digital CCTV upgrade at ITN

London, UK

The CCTV system at the ITN building in Gray's Inn Road, London has recently been upgraded to take advantage of the latest advances in digital recording.

The home of ITV and Channel 4 news programmes previously had a CCTV system that used analogue video recorders to store images captured by the cameras located in and around the building. Quantum security was commissioned to research and subsequently install a digital video recording system.

"Working in conjunction with our suppliers Videcon, who are specialist CCTV distributors, we recommended to our client the DSR-3716 DVR manufactured by Sanyo," says Matt Loudon, Quantum Security" There is a huge choice of DVRs currently available on the market but it was felt that the DSR-3716 was exceptionally easy to use and the ability to transfer evidence onto CD via the integral CD-RW writer was a major advantage"

The CCTV system's prime purpose is ensure that staff can work in a safe and secure environment. In the event that an incident occurs, the Sanyo DVR via five different search functions and a motion detection facility allows for the relevant images to be quickly retrieved.

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