Digiever partners with Canon

Taipei, Taiwan

Digiever has entered into a new partnership agreement with Canon, a world leading provider of IP cameras with superior lens technology.

The new partnership agreement is designed to expand global market share of both Digiever and Canon by combining the outstanding and impeccably strong credentials from both sides, particularly with the Digiever NVR hardware decoder which achieves live view real-time with no latency combined with the guarantee of a 70-year-heritage of Canon the high quality lens manufacturer.

The compatibility between Digiever and Canon is beneficial to users of Canon IP cameras in that it will fulfill the requirements of full HD (1920x1080) local display and real-time remote monitoring with outstanding throughput (up to 360Mbps). The partnership will deliver an advanced security solution across Canon’s full range of network cameras.

What is more, the Digiever NVR smart search function in playback, officially released in the latest Firmware version 52 in early July, allows users to analyse intelligent video analytics in playback mode, all captured and delivered by Canon IP cameras.

Smart Search functions include motion detection, foreign object detection, camera tamper detection, loss of focus and missing object detection.

After having integrated with Canon IP cameras, Digiever, as a leading provider of open platform IP video surveillance solutions, has now integrated with over 90 network camera brands and more than 3,000 IP camera models, which provides users with complete solutions and with flexibility to meet requirements regionally and globally. Now, all the Digiever NVR series can perfectly support Canon network cameras, including the DS-8200-RM Pro, DS-4200-RM Pro, DS-4200 Pro, DS-2100 Pro, DS-1100 Pro and the DS-4000 and DS-2000 series.

Julian Rutland, Planning and Strategy Director, Canon Europe, says, "Our core focus is to work closely with expert partners like Digiever to enhance our security offering in the network camera market. We are always looking for ways to increase the value we can provide to customers by working closely with partners, which is why we are delighted to complete the integration with Digiever to extend our European reach and offer a simple, cost effective solution.”

"I’m extremely confident that the corporation between Digiever and Canon will satisfy various requirements in vertical markets, especially for users looking for enterprise solutions” said Mr. Allen Tseng, Product Director of Digiever. "Surveillance solutions are closely related to people’s daily life. Customer expectations are high in regard to our Digiever solutions, and so we are equally dedicated to providing more surveillance solutions to make surveillance intuitive and easier. Besides, by partnering with Canon, we are able to offer our customers a quality combined solution that benefits from Canon’s superior lens technology and Digiever's leading-edge surveillance solutions.”

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