Cutral-Có transforms into a Safe City in 30 days with Dahua

Cutral-Có, Argentina, and Hangzhou, China

In just 30 days, Cutral-Có has been equipped with one of the most advanced command and control centres in Argentina.

As the second largest city in Neuquén Province and one of Argentina’s most important oil producing regions, Cutral-Có was in need of a solution to safeguard both its citizens and infrastructure. The Dahua Safe City solution was chosen to greatly improve police, fire, transportation, and medical emergency response speeds and efficiency through a network of reliable cameras and intelligent technologies. In just 30 days, the state-of-the-art Dahua Safe City video surveillance system comprised of 242 devices has been set up completely and enables the city to become a pioneer in modern urban security development as well as a national technology hub.

Due to recent economic and social developments the city needed an efficient, reliable solution that would secure its nearly-50,000 residents and natural resource infrastructure. This led former Cutral-Có mayor Prof. Ramón Rioseco to call for a comprehensive video surveillance system that would monitor traffic, improve city management, streamline responses to neighbourhood emergencies, support the Civil Defense force, and safeguard urban areas. Without such a system, integral public services would not be able to function properly, thus delaying the city’s modernisation process.

As a leading global provider of advanced security solutions, Dahua Technology was chosen to develop an urban surveillance network for the city of Cutral-Có because of its numerous success stories in developing professional security infrastructure in major regions around the world and due to the wide scope of its technology offering.

At the project’s core, Professional Surveillance System (PSS) software was selected to design and manage deployment of the system’s numerous speed domes and camera components. With support for 256 simultaneous device connections, all 242 of the project’s components could be managed from one system.

In order to handle the massive flows of data from multiple high resolution cameras, the Dahua DH-NVR6000 series network video recorder was integrated to provide 64Tb of storage out of the box, with another 128Tb added through network storage, bringing its total storage capacity to 192Tb and allowing the system to record and store video in full HD resolution for 45 days. 

Dahua SD6C230S speed domes were chosen to provide extensive coverage around urban areas due to their long-range capabilities. With 30x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom at a resolution of 2 megapixels, the speed domes are ideal for crime prevention units and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) at variable distances, performing well on objectives at ranges of over 320 metres. These speed domes were installed at the main entrances of integral public sites such as hospitals, schools, police stations, and crossroads. To accommodate various geographical constraints, a portion of the speed domes were interconnected wirelessly, while others were connected by optical fibers. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) was used to power each to ensure 24/7 operation.

3 megapixel fixed DH-IPC-HF8301E Ultra-Smart network cameras were placed in areas of high risk. Their progressive scan CMOS sensor, vari-focal lens, and motorised auto-iris, coupled with a multitude of smart detection features, including facial detection, enable the cameras to deliver superior performance during the day or at night, even in the absence of infrared illuminators.

SMART Professional Surveillance System (SMART PSS) software was used to achieve integration with the entire network of cameras and digital components. This setup allowed the city to host its own internet-based data centre administration system, which is the first of its kind in Argentina. Optical fibres provided by internet providers Telefónica and Copelco provided the system with the high bandwidth capacity required to support intense data traffic, which was managed through the SMART PSS software’s load balancing system.

Vigilancia Online S.A., a Dahua partner company, accomplished smooth installation and integration of the system’s 242 cameras in only 30 business days. In just a month, Cutral-Có has been equipped with one of the most advanced command and control centres in the country, which is interconnected with the Radio-electric Command of the neighbouring city of Plaza Huincul and defence agencies, displaying the importance of a Smart City system on both its immediate and surrounding areas.


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