Cortech partners with Harper Chalice on new integration

Knutsford, Cheshire

Leading British manufacturers, Cortech Developments and Harper Chalice have recently achieved a milestone with the successful integration of Datalog and Hatchsecure – their cutting-edge hatch intrusion detection system.

Cortech Developments and Harper Chalice have been deploying their joint solutions to high-security critical infrastructures with great success for over 8 years. Their recent integration has been primarily implemented within the water sector.

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales at Cortech Developments, comments on the partnership, “We are thrilled to celebrate 8 years of partnership with Harper Chalice. This collaboration exemplifies the synergy between two pioneering British manufacturers, working together to deliver a robust, comprehensive solution that enhances risk management, operational efficiency, and accountability.

“Throughout our partnership, we have embarked on numerous successful projects, safeguarding some of the UK’s most vital national infrastructure. The integration of Harper Chalice’s extensive product suite with Datalog, and the recent addition of Hatchsecure, further strengthens our alliance and represents a significant expansion of our integration portfolio.”

The NPSA approved Hatchsecure is Harper Chalice’s innovative multi sensor hatch intrusion detection system. Designed for modularity, it supports up to 16 sensors per controller and accommodates various ancillary sensor devices, including float sensors, tamper contacts, and magnetic sensors.

Standard features of the device include built-in sensors for tilt, vibration, impact, sustained attack, and cutting torch detection. These sensors are fully programmable and can be customised to meet specific user needs and applications.

Iain Campbell, Sales Manager at Harper Chalice, remarks, “The integration of Hatchsecure with our existing Cortech solutions empowers end-users to comprehensively monitor and manage Harper Chalice’s full range of NPSA-approved perimeter and localised detection systems from their control room, providing immediate visibility and pinpointing unauthorised access events.”


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