BSIA expands Euralarm membership

Worcester, UK

The BSIA has expanded its membership of Euralarm into its Services Section.

This section provides a direct link to all services associated with installation, maintenance, and monitoring of security & fire systems across Europe and internationally.

Some of the key benefits for this membership extension include things like the active participation and influencing on the work of Euralarm for European and International standards impacting intruder & hold-up alarms, access control, video surveillance, fire alarm and other associated sectors.

The BSIA will also be able to have a direct input into Euralarm’s position on matters connected with the European Union. E.g., directives and regulation, such as cyber security, data privacy, artificial intelligence etc, and a direct input into Euralarm’s discussions with the CENELEC contact management centre (those who set the rules for standards development).

BSIA will also be able to play a role in the development of position papers on topics associated with the section’s work, and can have some direct influence on the development and implementation of Euralarm’s strategy for the section.

·There will also be opportunities to share knowledge and present the work of BSIA to other national trade associations, members and invited guests of Euralarm, an opportunity to keep pace with work associated with European security services e.g., standards, qualification, training; and in addition the BSIA will have additional ‘voting’ capacity in Euralarm’s General Assembly.

The BSIA is already an active member of the Euralarm Security Section, representing the interests of manufacturers in regulatory and standardisation matters. The organisation also represents the views of its members in terms of horizontal compliance, cyber security and marketing task groups.

This new move also provides an opportunity for members to directly engage in Euralarm as members of the BSIA.


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