Brainchip Holdings awarded new US patent

Laguna Hills Ca (USA)

Brainchip Holdings Ltd, the world’s first and only commercial producer of neuromorphic artificial intelligence chips, has announced that the US Patents and Trademarks Office has issued a US patent for “Method and a System for Creating Dynamic Neural Function Libraries.”

“Patents are a hallmark of a company, symbolizing the innovation and advantages that differentiate its products and solutions from competitors in the marketplace,” said Peter van der Made, Brainchip CTO and founder. “By being granted another patent from the USPTO, we are able to signify to our customers and partners that the technology we have developed is at the forefront of revolutionising AI at the edge in ways that previous attempts have not been able to achieve. Additionally, this recognition further protects us from others developing similar offerings that would otherwise infringe on our work. We will continue to work towards increasing our patent awards globally as we continue to advance the field of neuromorphic artificial intelligence.”

Brainchip’s patent portfolio now comprises 8 US and 1 Chinese granted patent. Brainchip has recently expanded international patent filings with a total of 21 patent applications currently pending in the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Israel.

Key features of Patent US 11,238,342

The patent claims protect the basic structure and function of a digital neuron consisting of multiple synapse circuits connected to a soma circuit in analogy to a biological neuron where a soma (i.e. neuron) cell receives its inputs via multiple synapses.

This patent is a continuation of previous Brainchip patents US 8,250,011 and US 10,410,117, protecting features previously disclosed but not previously claimed. The title of this patent has been inherited from US 10,410,117 but would be better represented by the title of US 8,250,011 “Autonomous Learning Dynamic Artificial Neural Computing Device and Brain Inspired System.”


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