Bosch new release enhances Safety Systems Designer

Munich, Germany

Bosch has released its new software version of Safety Systems Designer. On top, there is also a new, free plugin available that enables automatic data transfer between Autocad software and Bosch Safety Systems Designer.

This free Bosch SSD Plugin is marketed as the only tool of its type offered by any fire alarm system manufacturer. Architects, planners and system integrators now enjoy the benefit of easily importing fire alarm system devices from floor plans into the Safety Systems Designer software.

Autocad software is the most frequently used platform for building- and fire alarm systems design covering all planning phases. The Bosch SSD Plugin changes a time-consuming process from the users’ daily work routine into a stream-lined experience: With the new SSD Plugin, the process is now fast, reliable and simple, enabling better project design and synchronisation at any scale, so fire alarm systems can be imported no matter the size of the floor plan or building project.

Comprehensive CAD blocks library available

The Bosch SSD Plugin includes an extensive SSD CAD blocks library allowing designers to pick icons from more than 150 of EN 54 fire alarm system devices. These can then be placed comfortably onto floor plans through the Autocad blocks palette. What’s more, the SSD Plugin can be used with any customer specific CAD block, so that these can be amended and then transferred to Safety System Designer.

One solution for a variety of tasks

To improve the efficiency even further, every fire alarm system device can be assigned to a panel as well as to a loop in the context menu of the Autocad application. Safety Systems Designer automatically keeps these assignments to panel or loop after the import.

After import to Safety Systems Designer, users can continue further in-depth planning such as preparing a bill of material, a tender text, the battery calculation, or a system viability check.

The new version of Safety Systems Designer and the Bosch SSD Plugin for Autocad software are available immediately and can be installed effortlessly with a simple setup assistant. Both the integrated SSD CAD blocks library and the user interfaces are available in 17 languages.


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