Atlas Wharf upgrades access to VIP

London, UK

Visitors to New Atlas Wharf call residents using Comelit’s IP Vandalcom entrance panels

Working with installers Beta Security, Comelit has supplied its IP video entry system for access control and resident messaging at New Atlas Wharf in the Surrey Quays area of London’s Docklands.

New Atlas Wharf is a modern ten-storey residential development comprising 153 apartments across nine buildings on the north bank of the Thames in Tower Hamlets, within walking distance of Canary Wharf.

Visitors to New Atlas Wharf call residents using Comelit’s IP Vandalcom entrance panels, which are in use at 20 locations around the site. Modular-based, the Vandalcom panels can have options such as numerical push-buttons, a name directory, video camera and proximity readers – all as part of a combination chosen to suit the exact needs of residents and the demands made by the site layout.

At New Atlas Wharf, in addition to the entrances where visitors call the apartments directly, there are also a number of entrance panels located around the perimeter from which visitors and couriers can call the concierge. The Vandalcom panels are particularly well suited at these locations since they are made of vandal-resistant stainless steel with galvanised sheet steel back boxes.

Inside the apartments, residents use 7” Stelle touchscreen monitors. These touchscreen units can be operated hands-free and offer simple primary functions such as lock release and concierge call. The monitors provide high-quality intercom from speaker-microphones and display video from the wide angle entrance panel camera on an 800x480 pixel screen.

Residents can generate an alarm to the concierge from a dedicated panic call button on the monitor. Up to four such alarms are possible from each and every apartment, the applications are endless. If a resident does not wish to be disturbed, they can record a message that will be audible from the entrance panel when visitors arrive. Callers are able to leave a message on the resident monitor that can be played back upon the return of the apartment owner. The fact that the monitors can be flush or wall-mounted with minimal need for tools and no bracket, simplifies fitting for installers.

Comelit has developed VIP Communication Manager as an important and useful tool for a building manager or concierge to communicate with the residents. Comelit’s IP systems enable the site concierge to inform residents about missed callers or deliveries, planned maintenance (such as lifts), forthcoming events, traffic information etc. It is possible to send text or image messages to an individual apartment, group of apartments or to all residents throughout the site. If an apartment owner is away calls from the entrance panel will be transferred to the concierge, ensuring every call is dealt with.

The IP approach at New Atlas Wharf also allows for remote configuration and system health checks by the installer. These minimise engineering time on-site, thereby reducing disturbance for residents and producing cost benefits for the property managers.

Dan Wood, Southern Regional Manager, Comelit UK, said: “New Atlas Wharf was an existing Comelit customer which has been able to upgrade its Vandalcom panels with the latest IP modules. It’s rewarding for us to be able to offer a client our newest products that meet the evolving needs of the site.”

He continued: “VIP demonstrates how Comelit systems enable clients to move away from outdated closed technology. We’re focused on open systems, easy installation and enhanced benefits for residents. Everyone expects to be able to communicate with and open the communal door, but with VIP we can offer clients so much more than this.”


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