Artec wins Kosovo digital security contract worth 400,000 Euros

Diepholz, Germany

Artec technologies AG the specialist in product and system solutions for capturing, recording and transmitting video, TV and radio broadcasts via network has just successfully tendered for a contract worth 400,000 Euros through international competitive bidding. The initiator of the competition was the national media institute of the Republic of Kosovo, the Independent Media Commission (IMC). "In a competition against a number of high-quality, international contenders, we were able to prevail," says Thomas Hoffman of artec technologies' board of directors with obvious pleasure. Prior to this recent success, artec technologies won its first six-digit contract from the IMC in 2009.
With the Artec “Xentaurix Broadcast Logger System”, 111 TV and radio stations can be continually recorded at five locations in Kosovo and sent via the Internet to the IMC central offices in Pristina. There the contents are centrally stored and analysed by IMC editors. By the end of 2010, Artec Technologies will install and implement the system in cooperation with the regional distribution partner in Pristina.

Since 2001, Artec logger systems of this kind have been deployed around the world by broadcast and media monitoring companies for editing TV and radio broadcasts, transmission confirmation, clipping services and as personal network video recorders (PVR).

Within seconds, an integrated search engine makes it possible to locate transmission contents through metadata such as programme information, subtitles or bookmarks and provide playback with split-second accuracy. Further, clips can be edited immediately and converted to virtually any desired video and/or audio codex.

Particularly in a variety of market niches, the Xentauric Broadcast Logger Systems are providing increasing sales revenues. “More and more, our logger systems are developing into real top sellers – not least of all because we always provide professional service and support,” Thomas Hoffman explains. “Sure, there are about a dozen well-known competitors in the world market who offer somewhat similar products. Broadcast companies place top priority on values such as dependability, expandability and system modernidation as well as ease of operation, though, and Artec Technologies is absolutely competitive across the board – including price structures.”

Because of its strategic focus on special niche markets in both East Europe and the Middle East, artec technologies is enjoying strong growth in both contracts and revenues. Especially its product platforms Xentaurix and Multieye are drawing strong interest in these targeted markets. “During the second half of 2010, we expect a number of additional large contracts,” Thomas Hoffmann concludes.

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