AMG to launch new product series at Intersec Dubai

Dubai, UAE

AMG Systems Ltd. announces that their new Vision 5000 series will be showcased with live demonstrations for the first time at Intersec in Dubai - January 18-20 2009.

As always with AMG products, Vision 5000 is designed with ease of installation and operation in mind. They're true plug 'n play transmitters and receivers for video and associated data/alarms and also incorporate a number of other features which clients have asked for.

Founder and MD of AMG Systems Dr. Alan Hayes says, "We have developed a series of products which are ideally suited for security & surveillance applications. Our focus has been on Low Cost, Low Power, Small Size and High Spec to deliver a series of high performance fibre optic CCTV transmission solutions. Vision 5000 series is further designed for environmentally challenging situations and products in the range can be used for transmission distances up to 80km's over optical fibre. The small size and low power further helps reduce costs associated with control room space and allows for convenient mounting in the field".

The Vision 5000 product range is available as point-to-point video only, video + bi-directional data, and video + bi-directional data and/or 2 unidirectional alarms. The transmitters are single channel video, and receivers are supplied for single or quad video channels. The products are compact and light with front panel LED indicators and a MTBF > 250.000 hours.

Vision 5000 at a glance:
• Standalone or rack mount formats + a mini transmitter
• Line rate synchronized sampling for high performance
• Removable screw terminal data connectors
• AC/DC power supply (+12 to +24V)
• Plug in module for the AMG2005 which allows for mixing with other products in the AMG range
• "Up the Coax" data transfer as a free extra option on all video and data modules.
• Built in data interface option for RS482/RS422/RS232 - which you set by the data dip switches
• Measurements: Mini: 55 x 55 x 26mm, Standalone: 110 x 172 x 35 mm, Rackmount: 3U x 21HP x 172 mm.

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