AMG delivers Indian toll management transmission solution

London, UK

AMG Systems Ltd have supplied their AMG 9000 managed ruggedised Ethernet switches for ITNL in India.
ITNL is using the transmission equipment for the new 119 km addition to Highway No 8 which the company is implementing as build, operate and transfer on behalf of the Indian Government’s Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.

According to ITNL, the project covers a new stretch as part of Highway No 8. It has two toll plazas, one located at Km 84 and one at Km 136 . Each toll plaza has 6 lanes including one extra wide lane in each direction. The toll system has been developed in-house by ITNL and operates as a semi-automated collection system with automatic vehicle classification, slow speed weigh-in-motion and lane controllers installed at all the toll plazas. Additionally each lane has a surveillance camera for incident capturing.

The climate in Rajasthan is very hot with extreme temperatures, sandy and often dusty because of wind, so ITNL preferred to implement the highly ruggedised industrial Ethernet equipment from AMG Systems. Further, the AMG solution provides redundancy in case of link failure. ITNL is using managed switches and currently there are two links between the control room and the lane, so if one link fails, it automatically switches to the redundant link.

The AMG 9000 solution is transmitting all the signals from the auxiliary equipment, CCTV cameras and DVRs. The solution also covers lane traffic lights and overhead lane signs There is a provision to connect both toll plaza control rooms to each other as well as to head office. The solution has further been designed to incorporate future expansion such as increase in toll lanes and/or an IP based CCTV surveillance system.

Ms Sheetal Shanbhag, Country Manager for AMG Systems in India says, “This is the first Toll Road project in India where AMG’s ruggedised managed switches have been implemented, and we’re delighted that our industrial grade transmission equipment has been selected.The construction plans for new roads as well as the increased traffic density – especially around the major cities -continues to make India a prime market for AMG’s transmission solutions for traffic management and we’re absolutely committed to supplying top quality products and world class support for this very important market.”

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