AIM partners with Emizon

Rugby, Warwickshire

Advanced Independent Monitoring (AIM) has announced that its Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is now using Emizon's state-of-the-art telemetry communications device to simplify and speed up installation, while providing customers with a reliable and uninterrupted service.
The TCD or telemetry communications device establishes a secure 'always on' IP connection to the ARC using either IP fixed line, GPRS or a PSTN option, all managed by the dual redundant secure Emizon platform.

With Emizon’s online diagnostics, AIM installers also have the ability to interrogate the TCD, update the TCD firmware, and connect to a range of alarm panels remotely, all through the fast and efficient Emizon platform. Bob Tuck, managing director of Emizon, explained, ‘The TCD’s central management capability makes life easier for the engineer on site, the operator in the response centre, and for alarm and CCTV installation companies wanting to streamline their operations and resources. It also provides customers with a best in class solution which offers unparalleled peace of mind.’

James Gribben UK Operations Manager for AIM UK commented, “I am delighted with the features that Emizon are now offering and fully
complementing our existing range of services in alarm and CCTV monitoring”.

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