AG Neovo's RX-series secure the city of Leeds

Leeds, West Yorkshire

AG Neovo technology is being used as part of a front line service delivery in Leeds, the 30th-most populous city in the European Union. Seventy-eight wide-screen LCD displays with models of RX-W22 and RX-W42 have been installed within the city's new CCTV control centre.
"The city's new monitoring centre has been developed in partnership with West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (METRO). The state-of-the-art display technology supplied by RX-Series has made dealing with security surveillance work more easy and intelligent," mentioned Wayne Clamp, CCTV / Security Operations Manager of Leeds City Council Community Safety.

According to Alistair McCloy, AG Neovo's Sales Manager in the UK, the new Leeds City Council/Metro combined control centre requires a very strict and high-demand CCTV system. The top-quality hard glass LCD panel ensures a neat, anti-scratch, and anti-vandal display matrix which seamlessly fulfills the critical operation environment like Leeds City Council/Metro command centre. Thinking Space, who supplied the media wall to the main contractor for the works, mentioned, "The slim and stylish design works very well both technically and aesthetically with our Evolution media wall. The client's choice of monitors creates an impressive and power monitor array which maximised the capacity of the media wall and room space availability," Jason Gregory, Regional Sales of Thinking Space.

Another key essential requirement for Leeds City Council and Metro's control centre is the ability to display CCTV images 24/7. "The control room has been built not only to improve operations, but also to last. We believe customers can take full advantages of AG Neovo's anti-burn-in technology as well" mentioned Mr. McCloy, AG Neovo's Sales Manager in the UK. There is always the chaos occurred when LCD monitors are running on a round-the-clock duty all year round.

"We need to guarantee all display images we have recorded, are top quality, which is 100% screen-burn-free and image-sticking-free. AG Neovo's display solution is the best-of-all for us," said Mr Clamp.

Leeds has a population of around 790,000 (2010 est.) and is one of the UK's largest centre for financial, commercial, cultural and legal services outside London. With more than 90,000 passengers in transit through Leeds City Train Station every day, the city is not only the main transport hub of West Yorkshire but also the speedy connection centre from most major destinations in the UK.

The newly established CCTV monitoring centre at Leeds aims to provide a long-term urban safety environment. The new LCD display system will provide the city's CCTV surveillance service with the advantages of time-efficiency, user-friendly interface and less power consumption.

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