Addsecure Eco initiative reduces CO2 emissions by 24,000 tons

Stockholm, Sweden

The calculations show that when comparing the 2023 results with those of 2017, the competing companies reduced their total consumption by approximately 9.2 million litres of fuel per year. Image credit: Addsecure

In 2023, over 12,000 drivers from the company's client base, joined the Addsecure Eco-Driving Challenge, a pan-European competition. It involved 75 companies, 140 teams, and around 8,200 heavy commercial trucks. Ahola Transport (FIN) earned the best eco-driving score in Q4, while Götene Kyltransporter (SE) achieved the greatest CO2 reduction.

The results of the Eco-Driving 2023 competition revealed that the voluntary challenge, based on an Eco-Driving Index, improved driving behaviour and proved to deliver major fuel savings.

When comparing the 2023 results with 2017 (when the challenge started), the calculations show that the competing companies reduced their total consumption by approximately 9.2 million litres of fuel on a yearly basis. This results in reduced CO2 emissions of approximately 24,400 tons and savings of about 13.9 million Euros.

To make the competition extra exciting, the 75 competing companies are divided into 6 different groups based on country (SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, FR) and in one group for bus operators in Europe. During the competition Addsecure has continuously updated a performance chart to keep all stakeholders informed about the competition’s developments. On the performance chart, the leaders in three categories are presented

  • Largest CO2-savings in absolute terms (“AddSecure Eco-Momentum”)
  • Best eco-driving average (based on 6 driving parameters)
  • Best improvement of eco-driving index

"Addsecure's Eco-Driving Challenge exemplifies the power of collective commitment to sustainability. The impressive results of reduced fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and substantial cost savings showcase not just efficiency but a shared responsibility towards a greener future supported by our powerful solutions. Together, we steer towards a more eco-conscious tomorrow," said Claes Ödman, President of Smart Transport at Addsecure.


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