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Birmingham, UK

Image courtesy of Mayflex

At Mayflex, they have estimated that currently only 10% of businesses are using cloud-based video security but it is a solution that the company is excited about and the technology and information use is impressive.

The UK government has committed to creating a world-class digital infrastructure and, within its UK Wireless Infrastructure Strategy, it is investing £40 million to extending 4G coverage to 95% of the population, delivering high quality 5G to all populated areas in the UK by 2030, and investing £40 million to drive take up of innovative 5G-enabled services for businesses and the public sector.

According to Mayflex, as network infrastructure continues to improve the demand for cloud-security options will too, and it is already one of the fastest growing products within the security industry at the moment.

While the experience of cloud-based security is not too dissimilar to on-premise solutions, the factors driving the demand includes meeting sustainability targets, ISO requirements and the quality of the data machine-based learning algorithms it can provide.

Mayflex is also keen to point out that one of the main advantages of cloud-based video security systems is that they are designed for ease of use and set up - they arrive ready to go and it is generally just a case of plug and play. 


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