3D X-Ray wins important US bomb squad contracts

Loughborough, Leicestershire (UK) and Boston & Cambridge, Ma (USA)

3D X-Ray have announced the sale of Threatscan- LS1 System Combination Packages and associated training programmes to the US Boston and Cambridge Police Departments Bomb Squads. These are two of the premier bomb squads in the USA and have dealt with some of the biggest terror attacks over past years.

Following the delivery of a successful training programme John Howell, 3 DX-Ray’s IED/EOD Security Specialist said,

“They were looking specifically for a larger detector panel that would allow them to scan larger objects in a single scan. They know from experience that time on target is a key factor, and the ability to get a complete scan of a suspect item is a key capability.

The common panel is a standard 14 x 17 inch size. This will not even cover a backpack or suitcase in a single scan. This requires the bomb technician to spend more time with the suspect package and set up the panel and generator on a tripod to take two or more scans.

They then must try and stitch all the images together to get a complete picture of what they are looking at. As you can imagine, this can extend the amount of time they spend trying to figure out what they are contending with. With the 3D X-Ray - LS1 panel you go downrange with the very light panel and generator that has zero attachments and wires. You can capture an entire backpack or suitcase-sized item in a single scan.”

3D X-Rays linescan detector panels and I-Gen CP generator x-ray technology, were designed and purpose-built for the counter IED mission.

John Howell went on to say: “The bottom line is, more and more bomb squads are doing their homework and taking a smart approach to investigating the available technologies and how they can provide more capabilities for their teams.”

The Threatscan-LS3 systems consists of a large 600mm x 460mm panel, a smaller 305mm x 256mm panel, a portable wireless I-Gen x-ray generator, a laptop imaging station with wireless communication, batteries, and chargers, carry cases and Threatspect software.

These systems have a very thin self-developing film capability that can be used when a ridged DR panel cannot be deployed. The film instantly provides an image to the bomb Technician downrange and can be scanned as a digital image and loaded into the Threatspect or XTK software and adjusted with the image enhancement tools. This film provides an added capability that ensures all possible scenarios are catered for.


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