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Sony´s ultra-sensitive SNC-VB770 and UMC-S3C 4K cameras capture crisply detailed Ultra HD video footage where other cameras struggle. The secret’s in their super-sized Exmor™ CMOS image sensor plus sophisticated light capturing technology – turning near-darkness into video and still images with unrivalled clarity.

Sony SNC-VB770 and UMC-S3C ultra-high sensitivity cameras aren’t afraid of the dark. Both cameras can capture detail-packed 4K colour video footage and still images with remarkable clarity and low noise in almost pitch-black conditions, from night-time starlight to poorly lit rooms.

Industry-leading sensitivity from Sony’s extra-large full-frame sensor is teamed with unique digital image processing, reducing noise to truly miniscule levels. This unsurpassed imaging performance is combined with the exceptional clarity of our acclaimed range of E-mount interchangeable FE lenses, to reveal extraordinary levels of fine detail in any scene.

Their incredible maximum sensitivity makes the SNC-VB770 and UMC-S3C ideal for a wide range of shooting environments. The compact UMC-S3C is ideal for documentaries, wildlife and live action shooting where space may be limited. Offering the same low-light imaging performance, the SNC-VB770 camera outperforms ordinary network cameras in video security, surveillance and quality-critical monitoring applications, from city centres to factory production lines.

Bigger sensor, better pictures
So what’s the secret of both cameras’ impressive low light performance? It all starts with the 35mm full-frame Exmor™ CMOS sensor inside the SNC-VB770 and UMC-S3C.

Designed and manufactured by Sony, it’s far bigger than the image sensor in ordinary network security cameras – and that larger area captures lots more light. That’s great news, because the camera’s circuitry doesn’t have to work so hard amplifying those tiny electrical signals and introducing unwanted image noise.

The 35mm full-frame Exmor™ CMOS sensor is approximately 50 times larger than the sensor in conventional Full HD cameras.  The 35mm full-frame Exmor™ CMOS sensor is approximately 50 times larger than the sensor in conventional Full HD cameras.

The extra-large sensor has a very high resolution of 12.2 megapixels, ensuring spectacularly detailed 4K images. What’s more, the size of each individual pixel – far larger than that of an ordinary full-frame network camera – further enhances light-gathering power and sensitivity. Sitting on top of those 12.2 million pixels is an array of miniscule on-chip lenses (OCL) that focus light accurately onto each tiny photo-sensitive area. We’ve carefully refined the design of these micro-lenses, so they grab light more effectively from a wider range of angles hitting the sensor.

Advanced on-chip lens design improves light collection. Advanced on-chip lens design improves light collection.

We’ve also minimised the size of the gaps between adjacent on-chip lenses. Smaller gaps naturally mean more effective light-gathering power, boosting both cameras’ sensitivity while reducing noise and increasing dynamic range.

Gapless on-chip lens boosts light-gathering efficiency. Gapless on-chip lens boosts light-gathering efficiency.

Catch the light
That’s not all. We’ve maximised the light-receiving area of each individual photodiode – the semiconductor device that turns incident light into a tiny electric current. And once again, less wasted light means stronger, clearer video signals with less noise.

Each photodiode features a wider light-sensitive area.  Each photodiode features a wider light-sensitive area.

These clever light-capturing techniques add up to an extraordinarily advanced image sensor. And with an ultra-high sensitivity of ISO 409600, our SNC-VB770 and UMC-S3C can perform effectively in minimum illumination levels of less than 0.004 lx.

So now there’s no need to switch off when darkness falls. You’ll miss nothing with our sensitive 4K cameras – day or night.

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