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About the company

Dallmeier is the only manufacturer of video security technology that develops and manufactures all components in Germany. This includes the entire product range, from IP cameras to recording and storage to intelligent video analysis and even individually adjusted management software. Quality made by Dallmeier, made in Germany.

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Video Surveillance
Network Video Surveillance
Digital Video Recorder
Number Plate Recognition
Digital Surveillance Solutions



The patented Panomera® camera technology combines several lenses and sensors with different focal lengths in one optical unit. Thus, Panomera® cameras with "multifocal sensor technology" capture rear and middle image areas with the same high resolution as scenes in the foreground. With unique advantages in video surveillance, video monitoring and video analysis.

Single Sensor Cameras

Dallmeier single sensor cameras have been developed are characterised by the highest image quality and a high dynamic range. The result: These cameras offer the highest colour fidelity and richness of detail, while the bit rate still remains low – undeniably major benefits for the use in a professional and reliable video security system.


Since Dallmeier invented the world's first video sensor with digital image memory in 1992, its recording solutions have been leading the industry. The Dallmeier recording technology around the SMAVIA Recording Server Software offers the right solution for every application.

Video Management Software

With the Dallmeier "HEMISPHERE®" platform for security and business, customers from a wide variety of industries can select exactly the modules they need for their application – video management, data management and front-end applications. Together with the Dallmeier camera and recording systems, customers can put together targeted and cost-optimised solutions for their industry.

Video Analytics

From camera-based VCA analysis with AI support to the HEMISPHERE® SEDOR® AI offerings: Dallmeier solutions provide the right answer for a wide range of customer requirements. From "assistance systems" in perimeter protection to the reduction of false alarms to applications such as object classification or people counting to intelligent data capture in complex situations with customised neural networks and analytics engines.

Privacy & Cybersecurity by Design

The ever-increasing demands on privacy and data security place a great responsibility on customers: they must ensure that their data is secured internally and externally against unauthorised access, manipulation and loss. Dallmeier develops and manufactures the vast majority of its products in its headquarters in Germany, offers a comprehensive module for data protection / data security and relies on internal and external penetrations tests for its products, for example. Thus, the company can guarantee the highest standards in privacy and cybersecurity.


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