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Outdoor PIR’s are all about quality

Passive infrared (PIR) detector for outdoor applications.

Passive infrared (PIR) detector for outdoor applications.

Passive infrared detectors (PIR’s) are still one of the mainstays of the security world and for outdoor applications, the market needs to be driven by quality, according to Mike Burgess, Export Sales Manager for Takex Europe.

”Not all PIR’s are equal”, he says.

Mike Burgess claims that the indoor market is flooded with cheap and cheerful products from all corners of the globe and that they might be adequate for stable indoor environments. However, when considering the external market, he claims PIR’s are often shunned for struggling to cope with the myriad of environmental influences such as weather and wildlife. “Most of us are familiar with the outside light which randomly triggers throughout the night for no apparent reason, so heaven forbid we should risk our alarm panel doing the same”, he says.

Quality is key
Mike Burgess compares the detector market with the security camera market: when looking at what makes the best cameras in the world, it is the image sensor, and then the lens – compromise on either and the results are clearly inferior. It is the same with PIR’s according to him: combine a quality pyro (the sensor) with a well-designed bespoke lens and the results suddenly become far more predictable. Once this formula is perfected then the application can determine the configuration of the device. Mike Burgess says: “The Takex MS/TX series of dual-zone detectors are a great example of this. Aimed primarily at the domestic market these devices can comprise of up to 4 pyros, providing up to 226 square metres of coverage from a single device”.

Adapted to animals
Furthermore, the devices are designed not to be triggered by wildlife less than one metre tall; which takes account of foxes, cats, birds, and all but the largest of dogs.

“Takex offers both hard-wired and battery-powered models that can integrate into virtually any system on the market”, says Mike Burgess.

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