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New Stid reader identifies vehicle, driver and pedestrian simultaneously

Stid Spectre nano reader – as the name suggests, the reader is small in size.

Stid Spectre nano reader – as the name suggests, the reader is small in size.

Stid is a leading manufacturer of access control readers and solutions and has recently announced the release of its Stid Spectre nano reader – which is purported to be a game changer.

As the name suggests, the reader is small in size. It is just a bit taller than an average smartphone. Robert Jansson, Stid’s Nordics & Eastern Europe Sales Director, believes the product may revolutionise the parking and security industry when released by the end of this year.

He says: “Stid identification solutions and readers are used in many types of applications. Until now, in our industry, people often regard Bluetooth and BLE technology as technology that is used in smartphones for people access control. UHF technology is often used to identify vehicles entering a parking facility or secured perimeter. We decided to combine these two technologies into one reader.”

Vehicles and/or pedestrians

Robert Jansson, Stid’s Nordics & Eastern Europe Sales Director.
Robert Jansson, Stid’s Nordics & Eastern Europe Sales Director.

The Spectre nano is equipped both with a Stid Mobile ID-compatible Bluetooth reader and with a pow-erful UHF reader (UHF EPC1 GEN 2 standard). Stid believes that this compact and robust multi-technology reader will be the perfect automatic identification solution in many access control applications where vehicles and/or pedestrians need to be securely but conveniently identified.

Robert Jansson stresses that the multi-technology reader quickly recognises employees, visitors, vendors, and their vehicles – simultaneously – for smooth, hands-free access control without compromising security.

The outside packaging is as rugged and durable as the technology to ensure the reader can stand up to harsh environments – every-thing from shock, heavy rain, and dust, to salt, frost, and fire (IK10 & IP65 certified). Spectre nano also offers customised branding options to seamlessly fit in at a bus station, corporate office, or private community. The technology is very much suited for use in high-security environments.

Drivers hardly need to slow down

“This hands-free reader increases speed of entry for anyone – or anything – on two feet, two wheels, four wheels or a whole fleet. It reads windshield tags, key fobs, cards, smartphones, or wearables using UHF and Bluetooth to leverage end-user preferences for easier adoption. It is also part of the Stid Mobile ID ecosystem, which turns smartphones into virtual cards for both vehicle and pedestrian access control”, says Robert Jansson.

Both UHF (read range up to 6 metres) and Bluetooth (read range up to 20 metres) support remote identification.

Robert Jansson says: “Drivers hardly need to slow down. Stid Spectre nano improves security levels and throughput of traffic in a very user-friendly way.”

“Two man rule”

Many security managers still worry about vehicles being a potential trojan horse in their access control application. Vehicles and people both are important carriers of access credentials. Robert Jansson stresses that people now do not need to choose between identifying the driver or the vehicle. The vehicle can be identified using UHF and the user can be identified using Stid Mobile ID.

“Security managers can now be certain that criminals will not get access to their secured site using a stolen vehicle. Their access control system can now potentially apply a so-called ‘two man rule’: only if both the vehicle and the driver are authorised, access will be granted”, Robert Jansson says.

Compatible and has EAL5+-certified storage

Stid Spectre nano is compatible with all access control systems worldwide. Many renowned access control systems already use Stid readers to identify people and their vehicles.

Robert Jansson emphasises that Stid designed Spectre nano with easy integration in mind, regardless of the installers’ technical expertise or experience with Stid products. All common industry standards regarding interfacing are supported.

“Spectre nano uses OSDP and SSCP protocols and has EAL5+-certified storage. Data authenticity and confidentiality are ensured using encryption methods recommended by worldwide organizations, e.g., ANSSI- & FIPs-compliant. Encrypted, signed credentials provide anti-cloning and anti-replay protection and managers can quickly erase security keys, when necessary”, Robert Jansson concludes.


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