Vuwall TRX software certified by Genetec

Montreal, Canada

The TRx centralised management software from Vuwall is now certified by the Genetec Development Acceleration Program to run with Genetec Security Center 5.10. The new plug-in allows Security Center operators to control content and manage video walls directly from the Security Desk interface without switching between applications, improving operational workflow and efficiencies.

With a simple drag-and-drop operation, operators can remotely display and control layouts from any source on video walls directly from Genetec's interface — such as live video camera sequences as well as play back streams from a video server. In addition to IP content, the plug-in can manage video wall content that is not directly related to the Genetec system, such as control data; HDMI inputs; and local applications, including maps and web pages. The greatest benefit is the ability to mix all the sources together, where all content can be viewed on one large canvas or video wall.

"Our control room customers continue to demand more multi-format and multi-standard interoperability between devices," said Mark Schmidt, chief technology officer at Vuwall. "This is why the innovative TRX plug-in for Genetec Security Center was such an important development. It provides our customers the ability to manage Genetec security cameras, video walls, and all their AV-over-IP devices from a single interface."

Vuwall's award-winning TRX platform is unique in combining AV-over-IP distribution, advanced multi-video wall, and KVM management. Deployed in hundreds of control rooms and corporate workspaces around the world, it can configure, manage, and distribute virtually any source type to any display with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. TRX ensures interoperability in a multi-brand AV-over-IP infrastructure and enables users to easily create customized control panels to run on any browser, tablet, or mobile device without any programming using its built-in control panel designer.

The two companies are both located in Montreal and at only 5km between their headquarters, the collaboration is easy to understand. "Our long-standing relationship with Vuwall provides our customers with improved efficiencies and, most importantly, with the ease of use they seek in their daily operations," said Ilya Naduev, commercial, delivery, and programme manager, Genetec Inc. "Vuwall enables a seamless user experience. Together, we have delivered significant improvements to control room operations, as proven time and time again on our successful project deployments."


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