Vigitron releases new series of DIN rail power supplies

San Diego, Ca

Vigitron, Inc a specialist in networking solutions for security applications has introduced the company's new DIN Rail power supply series. There are three models offering 120 watts, 240 watts and 480 watts.

"These DIN rail power supplies are uniquely designed for many applications within the field of security." stated Neil Heller Vigitron's Vice President of Business Development.  "Operating temperatures range from -25°C to +70°C with the ability to operate in enclosures.

The power supplies can be configured in parallel connections to provide redundant power or additive power providing back up power and address specific power requirements.

These configurations result in cost effective power solutions addressing individual system power requirements. These power supplies offer several safety protections to guarantee reliable operation of a system."

Vigitron's DIN Rail solutions series is designed to fit a variety of DIn rail applications and are offered with Vigitron's extensive product warranty.


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