Vicon adds integrated thermal imaging technology

Hauppauge, NY

The new Vicon integrated thermal camera sensor is offered as a wide-area intrusion detection and surveillance solution. The VTR thermal camera sensor combined with the SN683D PTZ delivers integrated guarding technology that provides a live 360-degree surveillance feed which continually searches for intruders in an expansive area. This thermal technology provides users with actionable intelligence for quick suitable responses.

Vicon’s new series of high-powered thermal sensor cameras seamlessly integrate with the company's high-speed SN683D PTZ dome camera to detect, identify and track intruders using thermal detection and is combined with targeted surveillance from the PTZ for full situational awareness. When a threat is detected the PTZ automatically slews to cue, providing immediate confirmation and forensic coverage. Detection alerts automatically notify personnel of potential threats.

The resulting product delivers situational awareness of any physical intrusion that may threaten a facility or its perimeter, doing the work of multiple fixed cameras. The thermal detection system decreases the cost of equipment required and the number of security personnel needed to monitor critical areas in traditional detection and surveillance.

The VTR/SN683D PTZ dome camera is affordable and applicable in a myriad of business applications including airports, bridges, car dealerships, construction sites, power plants, reservoirs or substations just to name a few.

“We are very excited about the release of this new emerging technology for situational awareness which provides customers intelligent detection and targeted surveillance,” said Bret McGowan, Senior V.P., Sales, and Marketing.


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