Viakoo partners with Stanley in New York

New York, NY

Viakoo, which provides reliable cloud-based and on-premises solutions which help enterprises achieve maximum uptime, reliability, and performance of IP security camera video, recently demonstrated its offering at NRF 2018, in conjunction with industry partner Stanley Security.

For retail businesses, IP video surveillance provides a viable security solution for reviewing and investigating incidents, identifying perpetrators and delivering information in real time to first responders. In addition, PCI DSS compliance requires proof of video surveillance working as it should, an audit and compliance requirement that Viakoo helps to automate. Yet, many retailers focus heavily on the initial installation of video surveillance, without realising the importance of ongoing management of their video infrastructure to avoid having problems arise and costs escalate.

Viakoo’s automated solutions automatically verifies the performance and integrity of physical security systems and devices while delivering documented proof of system compliance to PCI and other standards. Leveraging machine learning and purpose-built algorithms, Viakoo solutions detect retail physical security system failures, diagnose problems, alert users with repair information, notify users of missing video, and maintain historical records on operations. With Viakoo, retail security operators can improve physical surveillance and security reliability and performance, eliminate lapses in security coverage, and automate reporting for compliance and auditing.

“Prevention has always been the goal of security,” said Bud Broomhead, Chief Executive Officer of Viakoo. “With Viakoo, retailers have a proactive tool that allows them to limit and often prevent system downtime while also gaining critical insight into exactly how their systems are operating. We are excited to show our solutions to the NRF audience.”

Viakoo offers three configurations for retail loss prevention and security, all available for either cloud-based or on-premises deployment:

Viakoo Proactive performs auto-diagnostics and provides notification of critical physical security failures via email, along with fix-it recommendations, allowing users to recover quickly from failures.

Viakoo Preemptive lets organisations get in front of problems before they become failures. The solution includes all the features of Viakoo Proactive plus preemptive advisory tickets, system details, ticket management, and centralised management via a single dashboard.

In addition to all the features of Viakoo Preemptive, Viakoo Predictive identifies performance bottlenecks and helps users ensure compliance using predictive QoS metrics, advanced diagnostics, and inventory and compliance reporting.


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