Veracity expands Coldstore solution

Dallas, Tx

At ISC West 2018, Veracity will reveal a significant expansion of its Coldstore range of specialised IP video storage solutions.

This includes the market introduction of Coldstore Colossus, a solution designed for very long-term retention of large volume sets of security video. Veracity will also announce embedded NVR functionality across the entire range of Coldstore products, including current models. This allows video to be recorded directly from camera to Coldstore storage without the need for a separate NVR product.

With 45 disk bays, Coldstore Colossus is designed for projects which require high capacity, long-term retention of video data. When populated by 12Tb hard disk drives Coldstore Colossus delivers 540Tb video storage capacity in a 4U space, only 31.5 inches deep. All Coldstore solutions are architected specifically to increase the reliability and lifetime of disks by massively reducing wear, vibration and temperature. One of the consequences of this architecture is up to 90% reduction in power consumption. Not only does Coldstore Colossus provide a solution to large and long retention storage of video but the total cost of ownership savings are also compelling.

All Coldstore platforms will now also feature embedded NVR functionality, eliminating the need for a separate NVR solution. Once again, the cost savings that result from this innovation are compelling, in addition to a massive reduction in system complexity.

Visitors to ISC West 2018 will be able to learn about the entire range of Coldstore solutions for both small and very large video storage requirements (with or without a separate NVR solution).


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