Ultra DNS2 helps improve infrastructure resilience

Sterling, Va

Neustar Security Services, a leading provider of cloud-oriented security services that enable global businesses to thrive online, is introducing Ultra DNS2, a dual set of DNS resolution global anycast networks that work seamlessly together to provide even greater redundancy and higher availability of DNS resolution services. The new offering may be purchased only as a bundle, so the second network, Ultra DNS2, is exclusively available to customers of Ultra DNS.

Ultra DNS2 provides two networks that offer the same features, but which have separate network operations, provisioning, automation, peering, and routing policies. By adding an independent, highly redundant second network alongside the existing Ultra DNS platform, Ultra DNS2 allows organisations to significantly reduce risk of operational and resolution failure and to achieve their business continuity and disaster recovery goals for DNS resolution services.

At the same time, having two independent networks backed by one vendor enables single pane of glass management of DNS infrastructure and reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the cost and complexity of managing a separate second provider. This eliminates the need for companies to develop and maintain their own methodologies for managing DNS across two providers, simplifies contracting and reduces mean time to repair by streamlining troubleshooting to a single provider.

“The 2016 Mirai botnet DDoS attack against a well-known managed DNS provider was a wake-up call for many organizations, as it became clear that no one is immune to DDoS threats, even with the best possible management systems and security measures in place,” said Carlos Morales, senior vice president of solutions at Neustar Security Services. “For this reason, industry analysts and security experts recommend that organisations protect their operations and their brands by implementing a second DNS network to ensure the uptime and resilience of their infrastructure and services.”

Ultra DNS2 was developed to meet the need for independence and isolation at the DNS resolution edge where it is most valuable, but without the added effort of managing multiple control interfaces and often incompatible advanced features. Ultra DNS2 lowers operating cost to customers by driving the DNS content delivered by both networks from a single control plane, API and portal. Ultra DNS2 product features, billing and reporting are identical to those of Ultra DNS, and all the advanced features of Ultra DNS work seamlessly across both networks.


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